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About XA25

Item Code: 8443B002
Estimated Retail Price: $2,499.00


Assignable Buttons for Custom Shooting

The XA25 is endowed with five assignable buttons so that the camcorder can be tailored to the specific preferences or needs of the user.

Button 1 is preset as AF/MF; it can be set to: Powered IS, BLC Always On, Face Only AF or Video Snapshot.

Button 2 is preset as Pre REC; it can be set to: WB Priority, IR Light, Audio Output CH, AF/MF or Rec.

Button 3 is preset as Rec Review; it can be set to: Review, Shooting Mode, BLC Always On, White Balance or AGC.

Button 4 has no preset; it can be set to: Limit, Focus, Exposure, Audio Scene, Microphone Level or Zoom.

Button 5 has no preset; it can be set to: Image Stabilizer, Image Effects or Wi-Fi® Remote.