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About XF300

Professional Camcorder
Item Code: 4457B001
Estimated Retail Price: $3,999.00


Genuine Canon 18x HD L-Series Lens

Inspired by the same high level of optical precision used in Canon broadcast and photographic lenses, the Canon XF300 Professional Camcorder incorporates a Genuine Canon 18x HD L-Series lens that features a wide and impressive zoom range of 29.3 – 527.4mm (35mm equivalent). The lens incorporates High Index – Ultra-low Dispersion (HI-UD), Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) and aspherical elements to minimize chromatic aberration while delivering a resolution of 1,000 TV lines.

In Full Manual Mode, the lens features mechanical stops for both the zoom and focus systems. Mechanical (Hard) end stops ensure that repeatable and dependable focus and zoom can be achieved when manually turning the lens barrel. These mechanical stops also allow for compatibility with many third-party remote camera controllers that require end stops in order to calibrate themselves. Additionally, display distance indicators on the lens barrel allow the operator to easily set the desired focus distance and move between focus points while recording.

18x Optical ZoomFor enhanced versatility and durability, the lens is equipped with three built-in glass, neutral density (ND) filters (¼, 1/16 and 1/64) and a six-blade metal aperture iris.

SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
The XF300 also incorporates a newly designed SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization system (lens shift) with three modes: Standard, Dynamic and Powered.

Lens shift is controlled so that the maximum compensation angle is constant from wide angle through telephoto.
Stabilization changes throughout the zoom range to minimize more pronounced shaking. This is especially useful at wide-angle focal lengths when walking.
Vibration is suppressed at the telephoto end of the range, where shake is most apparent due to high magnification.

Instant AF
When shooting high definition video, sharp focus becomes more critical than ever. Canon's proprietary Instant AF system combines an external AF sensor with Canon's legendary auto focus system for fast and accurate focus. Together, the two sensors reduce focusing time - even in low-light, low contrast, or high brightness situations - and improve focusing performance on difficult subjects.

The XF300 gives you a choice of two AF modes for different shooting applications:

  • Normal AF changes focus at a speed that appears natural and doesn't distract the viewer.
  • Instant AF changes focus as rapidly as possible and is designed for applications in which quick focus is more important than other considerations - for example, in news gathering or documentary work.
Optional Canon WA-H82 Wide Attachment (0.8X)
Optically matched for the XF300’s HD lens, the WA-H82 Wide Attachment increases wide angle capability to approximately 24mm (35mm equivalent), while maintaining the versatility of a 4X zoom range.

* Instant AF is not possible with the WA-H82.