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About XF300

Professional Camcorder
Item Code: 4457B001
Estimated Retail Price: $3,999.00


Brilliant Ergonomics

The XF300 Professional Camcorder has set a new standard for ergonomic design in compact pro camcorders. It is designed from the ground up to maximize handheld shooting comfort and usability. Users will find the camera well balanced with the handgrip positioned closer to the optical access near the camera’s center of gravity. This allows the operator to easily maintain a steady shot while minimizing arm fatigue. Controls are ideally placed making the camera feel like a natural extension of the operator’s body.

Additionally, the XF300 features a redesigned layout to make using the camcorder highly intuitive. New users and users switching from other products will find the button layout, camera menu system and camera controls immediately familiar and easy to use out of the box with operational and control organization that conform to industry standards.