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About XL1S

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7046A001


Audio and Video Inputs and Outputs

The XL1S offers a plethora of means by which to get audio and video in and out of the camcorder.

The XL1S is designed to handle two types of analog video input and output: using audio/video cables (composite) or S-video. There are four audio inputs and outputs. All connections are on the camera body.

Audio and Video Inputs
The XL1S' analog inputs let you perform dubbing or insert editing from conventional sources such as other camcorders, editing equipment, CDs, cassettes, or microphones.

Four-Channel Digital Audio System
The XL1S affords the professional sound quality of a four-channel digital audio system using two12 bit audio input ports. Audio 1 is accessed via the AV panel on the back of the XL1S body. Audio 2 input jacks are on the right side of the handle casing.

Analog Line Input
Now it's possible to send an analog video signal from your TV, VCR or camcorder into the XL1S and record it onto DV. It's great for making copies or preserving precious originals.

Audio Dub
Audio dubbing has never been easier than with the XL1S. With this one touch system, you can record an additional audio track, such as voice over or music onto video footage by simply selecting audio dub on the top grip handle controls. Audio must be recorded in the 12-bit mode to use this feature.

AV Insert
With AV Insert, the XL1S allows you to add source footage onto your videotape from another camcorder or VCR. Simply select the AV Insert option from the top grip handle controls, connect the input device and record.

Audio and Video Outputs

Composite / S-Video / Audio Outputs
Audio output is accomplished via the same ports used for input. Audio 1 ports on the back AV panel and Audio 2 ports on the right side of the handle. In addition there is an adjustable Headphone Terminal located on the back handle above the AV panel.

Video outputs include Composite and S-Video. These are located on the back AV panel.

Headphone Terminal (adjustable level)
The XL1S' headphone jack has a variable volume adjustment for monitoring sound during shooting, performing sound checks, or listening to the sound through stereo headphones during playback.