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About XL1S

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7046A001


Programmed Auto Exposure

Programmed Auto Exposure Modes provide automated advanced recording techniques ensuring professional results in various shooting conditions. There are six AE programs available including Shutter-Priority, Aperture-Priority, Spotlight, Manual, Full Auto, and Auto Mode. These applications are designed to give you creative freedom while allowing the recording control desired.


The Shutter-Priority, or TV Mode, allows for the selection of 12 shutter speeds from 1/8 to 1/15,000 (NTSC) of a second that are then automatically matched with appropriate aperture settings. If the selected shutter speed is too high or too low for shooting conditions, an indicator warning flashes in the viewfinder. When manually adjusting shutter speed, aperture automatically adjusts.


Aperture Priority

In the Aperture-Priority, or AV Mode, you select between 9 aperture settings - from f/1.6 to f/16 (or to full iris close) - and the XL1S automatically sets a matching shutter speed. This mode allows for the best control of depth of field.


The Spotlight Mode automatically adjusts the camera exposure to effectively record images and/or subjects lit by a spotlight or other concentrated light source.

The XL1S offers the creative freedom of a complete range of manual controls. In the Manual Mode, options exist to set the exposure at any combination of shutter speed and aperture levels. There are 30 shutter speed settings, from 1/8 to 1/15000 (NTSC) and 27 aperture values, from f1.6 to full iris close.

Full Auto
The Full Auto, or Green Mode, of the XL1S automatically controls focus, shutter speed, aperture, gain, white balance, and AE Shift allowing you to simply point and shoot. The Full Auto Mode locks all of these features and options, making them fixed and unadjustable.

Auto Mode
The Auto Mode, like the Full Auto (Green) Mode, automatically controls camera adjustments allowing you to simply point and shoot. By using the Full Auto Mode, allows the operator to override any of the XL1S' manual functions.

Shutter Speeds
The XL1S has 30 shutter speeds (1/8 to 1/15,000 NTSC) that can be selected in the Manual Mode. Only twelve of these shutter speeds can be selected via the Tv Mode (Shutter-Priority).

Slow Shutter Settings for NTSC and PAL
1/30 second
1/25 second
1/15 second
1/12 second
1/8 second
1/6 second

Clear Scan

This feature usually found on more expensive cameras, allows you to record computer CRT screen or other equipment without displaying black band or flicker on the screen. The XL1S can adjust clear scan shutter speeds from 61.9 Hz to 201.5 Hz.

AE Shift
Automatic Exposure function sets the exposure of the XL1S to match shooting conditions. The camera operator can use the AE Shift control to manually override the automatic exposure system to darken or lighten the image. Choose from 13 steps, from -2.0 to +2.0, to achieve perfect light balance.

AE Lock
To hold the exposure at a particular setting, you can engage AE Lock on the XL1S. By pressing the EXP. Lock button in Auto Mode, Tv Mode, or Av Mode the current exposure settings are locked in place.