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High Definition Camcorder
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Custom Presets and Custom Keys

Using the XL H1's six custom presets and two custom keys, you can quickly and easily retrieve previously defined picture and camera settings.

Six custom presets allow you to store different sets of camera adjustments, including: color gain, color phase, sharpness, setup level, V detail, color matrix, gamma, knee, black stretch and skin detail (hue, gain, area, Y level). Once saved, the presets are easily retrieved for duplicating a previously defined look.

Using the SD / MultiMediaCard slot you can store up to 20 Custom Presets and easily transfer them to another XL H1, and with the optional Console software, you can adjust all of the functions of the camcorder and transfer the Custom Presets to and from the camcorder. You can even send the presets by email to another XL H1 user.

With the XL H1, you can also define two custom keys, in both camera mode and VCR mode, giving you customized shooting modes that can be retrieved as needed.

MultiMediaCard SD