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20x HD Video Lens

Featuring Canon's XL lens mount, the XL H1's 20x HD lens gives you outstanding resolution, contrast, and color reproduction. What's more, the 38.9 -- 778mm lens is coupled with Canon's superb Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system. The sophisticated stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly for steady shots -- even when they're hand held at long focal lengths or taken with the camera in motion.

Optical Image Stabilizer

Previously, optical image stabilizers have used a gyro sensor to detect camcorder vibration. The data from the sensor would control a vari-angle prism that continuously corrected the path of the incoming light. Super Range goes one step further by examining the image after it is received by the CCD. The system detects low-frequency vibrations missed by the gyro and sends this data back to accelerate and refine the movement of the vari-angle prism. This greatly improves performance for low frequency vibration, resulting in the most advanced optical image stabilization available today.

And since the XL H1's OIS system is optical, there isn't the loss of image quality that is inevitable with electronic image stabilizers.

This lens also includes both Focus and Zoom Presets for repeatable focus or zoom moves.