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About XL H1S

High Definition Camcorder
Item Code: 2080B001


Audio System

The audio features of the XL H1S are designed to further enhance the flexibility and level of customization you expect from a Canon XL Series camcorder.

  • Two Built-in XLR terminals providing +48V Phantom power
  • 3.5 mm Microphone terminal
  • 3.5 mm Headphone terminal, with reinforced metal base
  • Separate sensitivity settings for each XLR input channel (Line/Mic)
  • Simultaneous use of the built-in microphone and XLR input
  • Two-step switching for line output level
  • Higher sensitivity for XLR line input
  • XLR/microphone sensitivity selection range, +12dB/+6dB/0dB/-6dB/-12dB
  • Audio Limiter (On/Off)
  • Choice of setting in automatic level control for both XLR channels for link or non-link (independent) of channels when both are set to microphone or line
  • 1 kHz Reference Tone (-12dB, -18dB, -20dB)
  • LR/LL/RR/monaural selectable for monitor output