Thermal & Laser Fax
Item Code: 0574B003


The Convenience to Fax, Print and Copy at Your Desk

The FAXPHONE® L120 combines the performance of a laser facsimile and a laser printer together for your small business or personal desktop. With the latest fax capabilities and a 12 page-per-minute laser printer, this stylish, low profile machine functions in the place of two devices. Now is the time to upgrade from a thermal or ink jet fax machine to the performance of quality laser output.

With features such as a 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, Super G3 facsimile technology and large 340-page fax memory, the FAXPHONE L120 surpasses single function fax machines hands down. Its compact size and built-in telephone handset make this the perfect machine to have on any desktop to save space and provide the productivity of a fax and a printer. Printed faxes and documents will both have the same result -- quality laser output.

Features such as delayed sending, polling and reception restriction allow users to manage their fax operations efficiently. Directory search allows you to look up and dial the correct number by easily viewing the stored phone numbers in the speed dials, coded dials or registered groups. The FAXPHONE L120 is the smart choice for desktop laser facsimile and printing performance.