PowerShot G5

PowerShot G Series

Digital Camera
Item Code: 8398A001


Take Pictures in Any Situation

For the ultimate in control and flexibility, the PowerShot G5 has 12 EOS-based Shooting Modes, including two user-defined custom modes so you'll get the perfect exposure in any situation.

Shooting Modes

User controls and stores all settings for preferred effects.
The user controls every aspect of the shot, including aperture and shutter speed.
The user defines the aperture, and the camera chooses the corresponding shutter speed.
The user selects the shutter speed, and the camera finds the appropriate aperture. With slow exposure times, Canon’s noise reduction system activates to ensure low image noise.
Similar to auto, but user has access to exposure compensation features.
The camera sets all parameters for the user.
The camera chooses a large aperture, ensuring focus on the subject and a blurring of the background.
The camera chooses a small aperture for greater depth-of-field.
For sunset or nightlife shots, the camera exposes for the background, and uses slow-sync flash for the subject.
Users can create large panoramas by aligning abutting compositions.
The G5 is capable of movie clips with sound up to three minutes long that users can edit and replay right on the camera.