PowerShot G6

PowerShot G Series
Item Code: 9685A001


Shoot in any Situation; Get Creative with Reliable Results

The camera's numerous shooting modes will satisfy both beginners and advanced photographers. Everyday shooting situations are made easy with preset parameters, and creativity is encouraged with plenty of flexibility for the user control.

Shooting Modes

Define and store your own settings to achieve the effects you prefer. 
The user controls every aspect of the shot, including aperture and shutter speed.
The user defines the aperture, and the camera chooses the corresponding shutter speed.
The user selects the shutter speed, and the camera finds the appropriate aperture. With slow exposure times, Canon’s noise reduction system activates to ensure low image noise.
Similar to auto, but user has access to exposure compensation features.
TShoot freely while the camera sets all parameters.
The camera chooses a large aperture, focusing the subject and creating beautiful background blur.
A small aperture creates greater depth-of-field for sweeping scenery shots.
For impressive sunset or nightlife shots, the camera properly exposes the background and uses slow-sync flash for the subject.
Perfectly align sequential shots to create seamless panoramas.
Choose one of three movie quality modes to create clips with sound up to three minutes long. Edit and replay your movies right on camera.

Photo Effect Mode

Advanced creative effects made easy:

Vivid Color yields vibrant shots with dramatic contrast.
Neutral Color produces images of subtle, elegant tonality.
Low Sharpening creates a soft-focus filter effect.
Sepia recreates the look of vintage photographs.
Black & White delivers enhanced clarity and is especially useful for shooting text.
Custom lets you create and store your own special effect.

Super Macro Mode
Shoot spectacular close-ups as close as 2 inches from your subject.
Wide-Area FlexiZone AF/AE
Move the AF point freely around in the frame, without recomposing the shot.

Spot Metering
This light-metering mode lets you link exposure compensation to the AF point or the center of the frame.