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Item Code: 5734A001


Operation Ease

Taking greater control could not be easier! A rotating LCD monitor allows you to take pictures from any angle. The eye-level viewfinder is electronic, which eliminates any threat of parallax in your perspective and shows you the effect of the Image Stabilization.

All controls are logically placed throughout the camera for ease. Dials are stacked on top of each other; the zoom ring is as steady as it is precise. The menu display is easy to read and simple to use. Usually reserved for video cameras, the Pro90 IS has continuous AF, maintaining a steady and constant focus if you’re using a longer focal length.

Breeze through all these functions as they are all powered by Canon Know-How. A digital signal processing IC ensures a ready response. When used in tandem with the Buffer memory, a short shooting interval is achieved.

The PowerShot Pro90 IS conveniently allows one to playback images in various countries since one can set its video output format to either NTSC or PAL.