PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH

PowerShot S Series
Item Code: 4554A001


Operation Ease

With the PowerShot S100 Digital Elph, you have so much power in the palm of your hand, and you’ll be amazed that it takes so little effort to access that power. Five buttons control all of the functions on the camera. It's that easy.
In addition, the PowerShot Digital Elph makes switching between picture taking and viewing your pictures on the LCD monitor quick, easy, and intuitive. You just flip one switch on the dial and you’ll be in the mode you want.

Control functions in record mode

Flash mode
Toggles through five flash modes:

  • Auto Flash
  • Anti-Redeye
  • Fill-in Flash (forced on)
  • Slow-sync Flash
  • Inhibit Flash (forced off)

Macro / Drive mode
Toggles between three drive modes:

  • Single shot
  • Burst shots (continuous)
  • Self-timer

Focus modes
Toggles between three focus modes:

  • Normal focus range
  • Macro focus range
  • Landscape (Infinity locked focus)
Enter Record Menu
Record menu detailed later.
Preview Display on / off
Toggles between live preview display on or off. The Digital IXUS overlays shooting configuration for four seconds in either mode.
Control functions in menu mode
Select current option and leave Menu mode
Previous option value
Next option value

Next menu section
In manual mode:

  • Shooting mode (Auto, Manual, B&W, Pano)
  • Exposure compensation (+/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps)
  • White Balance
  • Setup menu
Preview Display on / off
Toggles between live preview display on or off.
Control functions in play mode Previous image
Previous image
Next image
Enter Play Menu
Play menu detailed later.

Information overlay mode
Toggles between three information display modes:

  • Image review, no information
  • Image review, basic information (date&time, folder, filename)
  • Image review, exposure information