PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH

PowerShot S Series
Item Code: 4554A001


Incredible PowerShot Software

Taking photos with the PowerShot Digital Elph is only half of the excitement; what you do with the images once they're in your computer can be even more fun. The S100 Digital Elph easily connects to your computer with its plug-and-play USB interface. Everyone you know can see your photos in mere minutes. Just plug it in and download your pictures.

You can also digitally manipulate and edit your images, because the PowerShot Digital Elph comes with several software titles: "ZoomBrowserEX" (for PCs) or "ImageBrowser" (for Macs) transforms pictures into an email image format (JPEG) and attaches them to your message-in seconds. The program "TimeTunnel" can browse through your pictures in chronological order. "PhotoRecord" performs automatic layout printing tasks, and "Adobe PhotoDeluxe" can add infinite variety to your images.