PowerShot S20

PowerShot S Series
Item Code: 4553A008



Digital photography provides the wonderful ability to capture high-resolution large-size photographs, with stunning color and rich detail. The only problem: where to put these photographs, which can have file sizes well over a megabyte each. Floppies can't stand up to the task of holding even a few of these high-quality pictures. 

Enter the CompactFlash card.

The PowerShot S20 camera comes with a CompactFlash card, like a little digital hard drive, which can hold up to 16MB worth of images. That's more storage space than a handful of floppies. And you can get CompanctFlash cards in sizes from 2MB cards all the way up to the IBM microdrive, at 340MB. It's like loading 45 rolls of 35mm film all at once. With PowerShot and the CompactFlash card you never need to worry about film or space again. You know you can rely on Canon to deliver the rich high-quality photograph you want, and you always have room to store it. PowerShot makes room for your photographs in the digital present while making space for you in the digital future.