PowerShot S70

PowerShot S Series
Item Code: 9514A001


Perfect Shots Every Time, Plus High-Quality Movies

The PowerShot S70 is extremely flexible, allowing advanced photographers a high level of creative control while at the same time providing numerous presets that make it easy to achieve perfect results in a variety of common shooting situations.

Shooting Modes

C Custom Mode
Define and store your own settings to achieve the effects you prefer.

M Manual
Control every aspect of the shot, including aperture and shutter speed.

Av Aperture-Priority
You define the aperture, and the camera will choose the corresponding shutter speed.

Tv Shutter-Priority
You select the shutter speed, and the camera finds the appropriate aperture. With slow exposure times, Canon's noise reduction system activates to ensure low image noise.

P Program
Access advanced exposure compensation features while shooting mostly automatic.

Shoot freely while the camera sets all parameters.

The camera chooses a large aperture, focusing the subject and creating beautiful background blur.

A small aperture creates greater depth-of-field for sweeping scenery shots.

Night Scene
For impressive sunset or nightlife shots, the camera properly exposes the background and uses slow-sync flash for the subject.

Stitch Assist
Perfectly align sequential shots to create seamless panoramas.

Fast Shutter
"Stop" the action of fast moving subjects for high-impact images.

Slow Shutter
Intentionally blur moving subjects and create dramatic long-exposure effects.

Enhanced VGA Movie Mode
Capture gorgeous VGA-quality movies (640x480) with sound at 10 frames per second. Enjoy on-camera editing and VCR-like playback capability.