PowerShot SD200

PowerShot SD/ELPH Series
Item Code: 9697A001


Experience a new level of creativity

The PowerShot SD200 Digital ELPH gives you true creative choice. 9 preset modes make it easy to create impressive pictures even in challenging shooting environments. Or you can switch to manual and exercise complete control.

The camera sets the all parameters so you can relax and shoot.

Lets you adjust the exposure, white balance, photo effect and other settings yourself.

Stitch Assist
Create seamless panoramas by cleanly aligning sequential images.

Digital Macro
Create larger-than-life macro shots with ease.

The camera automatically sets a large aperture, focuses the subject and artistically blurs the background.

Night Snapshot
Capture people against a softly glowing night background without a tripod.

Kids & Pets
Now you're always prepared to shoot moving subjects without missing a moment.

Improves natural color and reduces camera shake when shooting under artificial light.

Get lifelike color even when shooting underwater.