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35mm SLR Camera
Item Code: 2043A005


World's fastest continuous shooting speed up to 10 fps

At a rate of 9 fps, AI Servo AF delivers the fastest predictive focusing in the world*.
*Assumes the use of the Power Drive Booster PB-E2 with the Ni-MH pack NP-E2.
*Among 35mm AF SLR cameras with movable mirror as of February 2000.

The predictive AI Servo AF system allows the tracking of fast-moving objects while maintaining precise focus. This system affords impressive results in terms of continuous shooting and boasts excellent sequential processing efficiency.

Sequential processing regulates an array of events within the exposure process, including the arithmetic processing of AE and AF, the driving of the lens, aperture control, and movement of the mirror and shutter curtains.

In addition to developing new sequencing for the EOS-1V, every operation and its respective control time sequence has been reexamined in order to reduce operation time and realize parallel processing.
A significant step in the technology of the EOS-1V is the newly adopted Active Mirror Control method, which reduces the operation time of the mirror to allow shooting at a rate of 9 fps. This device is fundamental to the stability of the AI Servo AF system.

As for precision, the EOS-1V is capable of heightened focusing accuracy thanks to a newly developed predictive algorithm.

The sequential efficiency, mechanical improvements and focusing accuracy of the AI Servo AF system are capable of functioning with a high level of synergy for incredible results. In fact, the EOS-1V can pursue, focus and continually shoot an approaching subject at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31mph) to a point 8 m (26 ft) ahead of the camera (assuming use of an EF 300 mm f/2.8L IS USM lens).

Amazing continuous shooting performance that can capture ten images in a single second.
The EOS-1V features the world's fastest continuous shooting speed, enabling film transport at an astounding rate of 10 fps*. Now Canon gives you the power to transform one dramatic moment into a series of heart-stopping images. With the Power Drive Booster PB-E2 (driven by the NP-E2 Ni-MH Battery Pack) the EOS-1V allows unprecedented levels of visual creativity. Sensational gains in continuous shooting performance mean rapid film transport of up to 9 fps even in predictive AI Servo AF mode, which can focus track a subject approaching the camera at 50 km/h up to 8 meters away (with the EF 300 mm f/2.8L IS USM).

What's more, even when set at an intermediate film transport speed of around 3 to 5 fps, the EOS-1V demonstrates outstanding basic performance. For example, the viewfinder blackout time is remarkably shortened, the minimum distance at which a high-speed moving subject can be autofocused is reduced, and so on.

*Among 35mm AF SLR cameras with movable mirror as of February 2000.

New technology realizes ultra-high continuous shooting speeds and a sharp viewfinder image, while Active Mirror Control remarkably reduces mirror blackout.
In order to control mirror bound, which is an obstacle to ultra-high-speed continuous shooting performance, Canon introduces an Active Mirror Control method that quickly reduces energy. This method replaces the conventional approach of suppressing mirror bound shock from the rear.

With Canon's new method, mirror bounce is mechanically controlled. In other words, this ground-breaking mechanism reduces mirror shake, confining it to a short duration and suppressing the shake immediately after it occurs. As a result, mirror blackout time is remarkably reduced. Because the wave height of mirror shake is low after its bounce is suppressed, the finder image stabilizes quickly after the shutter is released in ordinary shooting mode, as well as in continuous shooting. The user always has a clear and sharp viewfinder image.