EOS 35mm SLR Cameras

35mm SLR Camera
Item Code: 2043A005


20 Custom Functions, optional EOS Link™ software

Up to 20 Custom Functions with 63 settings can be selected to match your shooting style.
The Custom Functions serve to adapt the EOS-1V to the photographer's preferences. The EOS-1V features 20 Custom Functions that enable the input of detailed selections and settings. Most Custom Function items are numbered in the same way as for the EOS-1N, for the convenience of users of that model. Arbitrary setting of Custom Functions can be performed either on the camera itself, or on a personal computer with optional EOS Link Software ES-E1 installed.

Optional EOS Link Software ES-E1 enables advanced customization, and management of shooting data, through PC connectivity.
If a PC is linked with the EOS-1V, camera functionality and the capacity for representation are markedly expanded. Simply connect the EOS-1V, via the Connecting Cable ES, to a PC with EOS Link Software ES-E1 installed.

Once connection is established you can achieve various forms of customization, function extension, data download by following messages on the monitor screen.

ES-E1 software is primarily intended for advanced Personal Function customization, so users of the EOS-1V can program it to reflect their personal preferences, shooting purposes and conditions. It also allows the management of data relating to settings used for exposed film.
- EOS Link Software ES-E1 is compatible only with pre-installed versions of the Windows®98 operating system.

Intensive management of exposure data, eagerly awaited by professional and advanced amateur photographers alike, is now a reality.
Since the EOS-1V has a built-in memory to save shooting data, selectable from 25 items, including shutter speed and aperture values, are automatically saved in the camera's memory each time the shutter is released. At the same time, an arbitrary two-digit number and an auto-incrementing three-digit ID number are automatically imprinted on the film leader. This means the film and shooting data can be matched.

The storage capacity of the built-in memory varies depending on the number of items to be recorded. In general, data can be saved for 50 to 200 rolls of film with 36 exposures, with data for 100 rolls being recorded in the standard setting.

If all shooting data is input to a PC via the EOS Link Software ES-E1, it can be managed intensively for reading and editing. If scanned images are attached as thumbnails to the shooting data, the arrangement and searching of data can be performed more quickly and efficiently. This software thus enables users to manage film data effectively.