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45-point Area AF, 100% viewfinder, proven EOS-1 control layout & much more

The EOS-1V's capacity to capture moving subjects with the outstanding tracking performance and high focusing speed of 45-point Area AF propels autofocusing into the new millennium.
45-point Area AF is the result of Canon's pursuit of an AF system that allows continuous shooting ease and expanded framing freedom. The 45 focusing points are densely packed within an 8 x 15 mm zone and can be manually or automatically selected to meet the needs of the situation. When multiple points are selected, AF system capabilities are significantly extended. Born of Canon's original technology, this system has been refined for the EOS-1V to ensure the unconditional reliability, accuracy and high focusing speeds requisite for professional use.

While photographers have the freedom to frame images through the viewfinder as they choose, the lens is automatically brought into focus as soon as the active focusing points cover the subject. Like a human eye, Canon's 45-point Area AF tracks and aims true. This is typical of Canon's state-of-the-art AF technology, recognized by professional photographers everywhere.

A unique sensor design vastly expands the range of lens/extender combinations with AF capability.
The Area AF system is comprised of two kinds of sensor elements that are capable of remarkable focusing efficiency because they are able to complement and compensate for each other. Each of the 45 focusing points within the Area AF is composed of horizontal line detection sensors. These sensors operate with EF lenses having a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or larger. They are particularly well-suited to focusing on moving subjects. The central seven points of the Area AF sensor also incorporate vertical line detection sensors, six of which operate with EF lenses with maximum apertures of f/2.8 or larger and theoretically provide focusing precision three times as high as the vertical sensors. The design of the Area AF sensor effectively creates seven cross-type central points capable of unrivaled object recognition and exceptional accuracy. The central focusing point is capable of cross-type focusing with EF lenses having a maximum aperture of f/4 or greater, or focusing with horizontal component detection with EF lens/extender combinations having a maximum aperture as small as f/8. The result is an Area AF sensor system ideally equipped for excellent performance regardless of subject pattern; a system that brings out the true potential of Canon EF lenses and lens/extender combinations.

Versatile composition with superb operability.
The 45 focusing points of the EOS-1V provide unique functionality and a new level of focusing control. This system minimizes the problems of focus lock and recomposition, and brings an improved degree of fluidity to the creative process.

At its simplest level, all 45 focusing points can be used simultaneously for optimum auto focus results. Focusing of this kind has the power to transform a simple snapshot into a precisely balanced image. However, the true benefits of 45-point focusing become more apparent when applied to more demanding situations.

It's easy to switch to a preselected focusing point simply by pressing the Assist Button.
When shooting conditions fluctuate, or fleeting photo opportunities arise, even the most agile photographer will be hard pressed to select just the right focusing point in time. Fortunately, the EOS-1V allows users to register any focusing point as a home position (HP) that can be restored from any focus setting, with a single press of the Assist Button*. This extremely handy feature allows photographers to adapt quickly to almost any situation.
* The HP function is enabled by C.Fn-18.

Sophisticated Auto Exposure Control. EOS-1V aims to capture the light as you see it.
Canon's exclusive AIM (Advanced Integrated Multi-Point control) system integrates Area AF and all six metering modes available with the EOS-1V.

Focus on a subject within the Area AF ellipse, and the EOS-1V will meter that area for the optimum result where it's needed most. All six metering modes use the 21-zone evaluative metering sensor. Six metering modes, three flash metering modes capture your vision in all manner of lighting situations. Six exposure modes for greater creative control.

Establish EOS-1V Personal Function settings with a PC, to suit your preferences.
Personal Functions* give even greater customized control over the EOS-1V than Custom Functions provide. If you use a PC with the optional EOS Link Software ES-E1, you can change, extend and limit the functions of the EOS-1V. In order to customize your EOS-1V to match your shooting purposes, you need only follow the menu and messages appearing on your monitor. ES-E1 software enables you to configure your EOS-1V like a custom-made camera.

*To use Personal Functions, EOS Link Software ES-E1 is required.