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35mm SLR Camera
Item Code: 2051A001


E-TTL flash exposure system and wireless control with optional Speedlites

E-TTL Autoflash System

E-TTL (Evaluative Through-The Lens) autoflash is Canon's most advanced flash metering system. It is featured in the latest EOS cameras and Speedlites (EX series). With the EOS-3, the E-TTL autoflash system uses a 21-zone evaluative metering sensor to obtain natural looking, balanced flash pictures.

Three variables are taken into account to determine the optimum flash exposure:

     1.  Ambient light reading

     2.  Preflash reading

     3.  Focusing point-weighted reading

After recongnizing the scene's brightness distribution and subject position, the camera calculates the proper flash output for the main flash. With non-E-TTL EOS-dedicated Speedlites, the EOS-3 uses off-the-film A-TTL or TTL 3-zone flash metering.