EOS 35mm SLR Cameras

Film SLR Camera
Item Code: 9352A002


7-point autofocus system with Eye Control (Eye Control available on EOS Elan 7NE only)

Outperforms with 7-point AF.

The ELAN 7n/7ne has more focusing points and greater off-center focusing coverage than any other camera in its class. Focusing point selection keys make manual selection of focus points effortless, and focus points are clearly displayed in the camera's viewfinder. Built-in Dioptric adjustment corrects for the user's vision, and allows for easy shooting with or without glasses.

Eye Control

Use the ELAN 7ne's exclusive Eye Controlled Focus™ for instant, intuitive AF in almost any situation. The Eye Controlled Focus System tracks the glance of the eye, integrating composition and focus into one uninterrupted step. Canon's fastest Eye Control system to date, it works whether the camera is oriented horizontally or vertically.