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Item Code: 9352A002


Advanced, Multi-mode Exposure Metering

Outstanding precision.

The EOS ELAN 7n/7ne features an advanced 35-zone evaluative light metering system that is linked to the camera's focusing points. To assure the highest level of contrast and clarity, Canon's AIM system integrates evaluative metering and focus information, but whether using automated 35-zone metering, partial-area metering or center-weighted metering, the ELAN 7n/7ne assures that your exposures come out just right.

Partial-Area Metering

Partial-area metering measures 10% of the viewfinder at the center or around the chosen focusing point, to provide pinpoint accuracy when metering shadows, highlights or subjects against very bright or dark backgrounds.


35-zone Evaluative Metering

The EOS ELAN 7n/7ne uses Canon's advanced 35-zone Evaluative Metering for fast, accurate control of shooting environments that combine light and shadow or strong backlight. Precise metering is assured whether shooting in vertical or horizontal positions.



Center-Weighted Metering

With center-weighted metering, the EOS ELAN 7n/7ne measures the entire scene while placing greater emphasis on what appears in the center of the frame. It is often the chosen method of experienced photographers.