EOS 35mm SLR Cameras

Film SLR Camera
Item Code: 9352A002


Creative, Reliable Shooting Modes

Express Your Creative Vision

Use the ELAN 7n/7ne's command dial to suit the camera to any kind of photographic situation. Choose one of the fully automatic functions in the Image Zone, or, for more user-controlled features, including fully manual operation, click to the Creative Zone.

Enhanced Functions

The ELAN 7n/7ne features a host of other functions to enhance the photographic experience. Features like AE lock, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Multiple Exposure Control and Self-timer ensure that the ELAN 7n/7ne can do anything you want it to. Canon's Whisper Drive quiet film transport technology minimizes film advance noise, even when shooting in continuous mode, making the ELAN 7n/7ne the quietest EOS on the market!

Image Zone

The camera chooses all settings, including flash, for totally automatic, point and shoot simplicity.


The camera uses a large aperture, achieving sharp focus on the subject while blurring other distracting details.


The camera chooses a small aperture to achieve a broad depth-of-field in the entire composition.

Perfect for isolating small details, the camera provides a narrow band of sharpness in close-up shots.  

The camera uses the fastest possible shutter speed to freeze the action in front of the camera.


The camera fires the flash, and then leaves the shutter open to capture the glow of the background.

Creative Zone

In this fully automatic mode, the camera chooses both shutter speed and aperture.


The camera chooses the correct aperture to correspond with user chosen shutter speed.


The photographer specifies both shutter speed and aperture manually, for complete creative control.

The user specifies the aperture size, and the camera chooses the appropriate shutter speed.


Pick the nearest and farthest objects you want in-focus, the ELAN 7n/7ne does the rest.