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Item Code: 9352A002


Advanced E-TTL II Flash Metering

The new ELAN 7n/7ne goes beyond any previous EOS 35mm SLR with the new distance-based E-TTL II flash metering system. Attach any EX-series Speedlite, and most Canon EF lenses provide distance information to the camera — insuring that direct flash exposures are more accurate than ever before. Distance-based E-TTL II is especially powerful when shooting abnormally light or dark subjects. Canon's E-TTL II provides flash performance no other camera in this price category can match. Shoot flash pictures with full automatic exposure, using FP (hi-speed sync), up to the camera's top speed 1/4000 of a second. Take 10% partial readings of flash illumination and lock them into memory with Flash Exposure lock (FEL). Or use anywhere from one to an unlimited number of 550EX and/or 420EX speedlites off-camera, and not only have fully automatic exposure control, but even vary flash ratios over a six-stop range — without ever touching an off-camera flash unit!

E-TTL II: Accuracy and Control