EOS Rebel K2

EOS 35mm SLR Cameras

35mm SLR Camera
Item Code: 9113A001


12 Shooting Modes including 7 PIC (Programmed Image Control) Modes

Programmed Image Zone and Creative Zone - More Fun, Better Pictures

Sometimes you want complete creative control. Other times, you just want to shoot. The Rebel K2 gives you the options to do both, easily. 7 programmed Image Modes — Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Scene and Flash Off, let you handle common shooting situations automatically like a pro. For maximum self-expression, 5 Creative Modes — Auto Depth-of-Field AE, Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter-speed Priority and Programmed AE — let you finesse every detail.

Programmed Image Mode

Shoot carefree: focus and exposure are intelligently controlled for you.

Your subject is sharply focused and the background beautifully blurred.

Scenery comes alive with sweeping depth-of-field and backgrounds in sharp focus.

Capture every dazzling detail with incredible definition.

Freeze fast action for high-impact images.

Makes a challenging situation easy, properly illuminating both subject and background.

Disables both the built-in flash and an attached Speedlite.

Creative Mode

Creates a custom "zone of sharpness" between the nearest and farthest subjects.

Lets you take complete control of every system whenever you want.

Choose an aperture for dramatic effects while the camera sets the shutter speed.

Set your own shutter speed and the camera will choose an appropriate aperture.

Experiment with shutter and aperture while maintaining a constant exposure value.