EOS Rebel T2

EOS 35mm SLR Cameras
Item Code: 9426A001


7-point High-Speed, Wide-Area Selectable AF with Advanced 35-zone Metering

The Rebel T2 superimposes seven focusing points across the viewfinder for tack sharp focus automatically - even when your subject is off center. Or set your own focusing point using the Cross-Key AF Point Selector. You can also choose from three Autofocus Modes - One-Shot AF, AI Focus AF and AI Servo AF - to handle a wide range of subjects and environments with superior precision. The Rebel T2 also gives you the fastest shutter speed in its class - 1/4000 second so you can shoot as rapidly as life demands.
To deliver the perfect exposure that makes unforgettable pictures, the Rebel T2 also has a 35-zone metering system. It's linked to the seven autofocus points so even when you're confronted with complex conditions, like backlight, you'll get superb pictures. To further refine exposure settings, there's an Orientation Detection Sensor that automatically determines the position of the earth and sky in your photo and makes the appropriate adjustments.

7-Point AF