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High-speed, wide-area 7-point AF with superimposed focusing points

High-speed 7-point AF
Canon's wide area 7-point AF system ensures sharp, accurate focusing with speedy subject tracking that is consistently maintained at 3 fps. This outstanding performance is made possible by advanced focusing technology including a high-speed microcomputer, a sophisticated new AF algorithm and AF sequence, and the same AF sensor employed in the EOS ELAN 7/EOS 30/33.
Selection of the AF point can be automated by the EOS 10D or manually controlled through the easy-to-operate dials: the Main Dial is used for selection of the five horizontal AF points, while the Quick Control dial is used for selection of any of the three vertical AF points. The superimposed display of the seven AF points in the viewfinder and the LCD panel employs an SI optical system for utmost clarity. If the selection goes beyond the extreme top, bottom, left, or right AF point, automatic AF point selection takes effect.