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EOS Digital Cameras

EOS Digital SLR
Item Code: 1888B002

Price reflects camera body only.


Powerful, Speedy In-Camera Processing, Times Two

Dual "DIGIC III" Image Processor

Developed to maximize performance between the capture and recording stages of digital photography, the EOS-1D Mark III’s Dual "DIGIC III" chips give the camera two of Canon’s newest processing units, working in parallel, to dramatically enhance image quality and deliver the speed and power needed to combine 10 million pixels and 10 frames per second. The latest-generation DIGIC III Image Processor works in concert with Canon’s new CMOS sensors to achieve even higher levels of performance. The entire electronic system is totally re-designed, giving the camera its incredible combination of speed and image quality. Digital noise is significantly reduced in shadow areas, and color reproduction is superior.

Dual "DIGIC III" Image Processors

Highlight Tone Priority

By expanding the range from the correct level (18% gray) to the maximum allowable highlight level, the gradation from the grays to the highlights becomes smoother and loss in highlight detail is minimized. This vital Custom Function lets photographers get even better detail in bright highlights, even in contrasty lighting conditions. It’s beneficial for nearly any form of professional work, where a user may encounter bright highlight areas where he or she wants to preserve details. Finally, there’s no impact on the camera’s shooting speed or burst rate when Highlight Tone Priority is engaged.

"Picture Style" settings

With Picture Style technology and the 1D Mark III, photographers can recreate characteristics of their favorite films. Color, saturation, sharpness and contrast settings create noticeable variation in the saved image. In addition to six preset Picture Styles (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and Monochrome), users can create three additional settings for their particular photographic style.

Setting Description Saturation Sharpness
Standard (default setting) Vivid, sharp images; usable in a wide variety of conditions; optimal for direct printing without post-processing high slightly high
Portrait Soft texture and beautiful expression of skin color slightly high slightly low
Landscape Extremely bright, saturated and sharpened images, with emphasis on blue and green color saturation high green-blue high
Neutral Low saturation and contrast for easy adjusting during post-processing low none
Faithful Accurate reproduction of the subject's colors based on colorimetric data; assumes 5500K light source low none
Monochrome Monochrome expression similar to silver halide film in black and white; for color filter work none (monochrome) slightly high