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Item Code: 8861A001


6.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and Canon's exclusive DiGiC Image Processor

6.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor - Digital Imaging with the Quality of Film
A large-format, high-resolution CMOS sensor captures a staggering 6.3 million pixels to deliver images that will astonish you with their depth and detail. As it captures images, the sensor amplifies each pixel's electric charge, for ultra-fast image scanning that's simply unmatched. A superior sensor design raises the maximum ISO speed while lowering image degradation during long exposures. The large sensor also has a 3:2 aspect ratio, traditional to 35mm film, for a familiar compositional feel. In short, the CMOS sensor allows the EOS Digital Rebel to achieve film-like quality while offering all the advantages of digital technology.

CMOS Sensor

Actual appearance at 72 dpi

Canon's Exclusive DIGIC Chip: The Industry's Gold Standard
Because the DIGIC Image Processor was developed by Canon exclusively for its own products, Canon digital cameras have a major advantage over other brands which continue to use general-purpose processors. The EOS Digital Rebel uses a DIGIC ImageProcessor specifically tuned for digital EOS cameras. Advanced signal processing algorithms heighten precision and detail, smooth gradation in highlight areas, and create color reproduction that is as vivid as it is utterly natural. As an added benefit, the DIGIC's speedier processing improves the camera's battery performance, and adds to the camera's overall responsiveness and agility.

High-speed enables high image quality

White Balance and WB Bracketing
Numerous White Balance options (Auto, Daylight, Shade, Overcast, Tungsten Bulb, Fluorescent Light, Flash and Custom) are available to handle a wide range of color temperatures so any shot can look as if it were lit with pure white light. A conventional camera could not do this without holding several different types of film at once. Another advanced option is White Balance Bracketing, which lets you capture three JPEG images (normal, reddish, bluish) at the same exposure level with one shot, with the white balance shifted up to +/- 3 steps in whole-stop increments.

Auto: Ideal temprature is set automatically.
Daylight: For sunny outdoor shots.
Shade: Counters strong blue tones in open shade on sunny days.
Overcast: For cloudy days, dusk and dawn.
  Tungsten Bulb: For hot indoor lights.
Fluorescent Light: Eliminates typical green color casts.
Flash: A starting point for studio strobes and Canon Speedlites.
Custom: Lets you shoot a white object to determine the proper setting, then lock it in on the LCD screen.

WB Bracketing




Auto and Manual ISO Speeds Settings
The camera offers an extensive range of ISO speeds, allowing you to quickly compensate for shifting light conditions. A conventional camera would have to hold several types of film at various speeds to accomplish this. When shooting in Full Auto, Landscape, Close-up, Night Portrait or Flash Off modes, ISO speed is automatically set between 100 and 400 in 1/3-stop increments to suit the shooting conditions. In Portrait, ISO speed is set to 100, in Sports, 400, and in Creative Zone modes, ISO speed may be set manually through the LCD screen menu to 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600. When utilizing the built-in flash, ISO speed is automatically set to 400 in Full Auto, Close-up and Night Portrait modes, and 100 in Portrait mode.

Perfect Panoramas Made Easy
The EOS Digital Rebel makes it easy to compose breathtaking panoramas. Easy PhotoStitch software included with the camera lets you combine sequential images digitally on your computer (lengthwise or even 2 over 2), with no lines and no distortion.


Range of Settings for Ideal Processing
Processing parameters are built into each shot to prepare it for printing. One setting automatically produces crisp, vivid images for direct printing without editing. A second setting gives you more creative latitude in image editing. You can also create and store up to 3 sets of custom parameters, adjusting contrast, sharpness, color saturation and color tone to your liking.

Processing Parameter Settings

Parameter set 1 setting
for direct printing

Parameter set 2 setting to give faithful reproduction (Original EOS digital settings)

In RAW mode, every shot is captured as both a RAW and Middle/Fine JPEG file. RAW files render the most detailed printed images, while less-detailed JPEGs are smaller, making them perfect for sending and viewing on computer screens. Having both kinds of files recorded automatically means that whatever you decide to do with your final images, you're covered.