EOS Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55 Kit Black

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About EOS Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55 Kit Black

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Item Code: 1236B001

Price includes lens.


Exclusive and Amazing.

"Picture Style" settings
With Picture Style technology and the EOS Digital Rebel XTi, photographers can recreate characteristics of their favorite films. Color, saturation, sharpness and contrast settings create noticeable variation in the saved image. In addition to six preset Picture Styles (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and Monochrome), users can create three additional settings for their particular photographic style.

Picture Style Feature

Setting Description Saturation Sharpness
Standard (default setting) Vivid, sharp expression; usable in a wide variety of conditions; optimal for direct printing without post-processing high slightly high
Portrait Soft texture and beautiful expression of skin color slightly high slightly low
Landscape Sharp expression with particularly vivid results for blue skies and green hues high green-blue high
Neutral Low saturation and contrast for easy adjusting during post-processing low none
Faithful Accurate reproduction of the subject's colors based on colorimetric data low none
Monochrome Monochrome expression similar to silver halide film in black and white; for color filter work none (monochrome) slightly high

Print/Share Button
Printing and uploading to a computer is incredibly simple with the Digital Rebel XTi's Print/Share button. By connecting the Digital Rebel XTi to a computer via the USB 2.0 port, it's easy to transfer some or all of the photographs in the cameras memory to folders on the computer.