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EOS Rebel SL1 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Black

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EOS Rebel SL1 18-55mm IS STM Kit
Item Code: 8575B003
Estimated Retail Price: $699.99

EOS Rebel SL1 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit 4.7 5 20 20
Quality at an affordable price I am not a pro, but I know my cameras. My main camera is the 5DMiii. My back-up camera is the Canon 70D. I used to have the 7D and I also have experienced with the Canon 6D. They are all great cameras, but the SL1 is a great little camera. Of course, it doesn't have much of the advance features in the other cameras I have mentioned, but for a beginner, the features it has will sufficed. I bought this camera for my wife, and as soon as she got it in her hands, she already claimed that it is HER camera. In fact, my nine year daughter is fighting with my wife to use the camera. Recently, I shot some pictures of a red flower with my 100mm f2.8 mounted on the SL1. The file choice was jpeg L, straight from the camera without post processing, I made a 18 x 42 print. The quality of the image was superb. I was impressed with how the camera was able to capture the red channel. Overall, I am please with SL1. Whenever I need to go hiking, I like to ask my wife if I can use it. Very good camera for a beginner, and someone who wants a quality camera in a small package. May 14, 2014
Very very happy customer I bought this for my girlfriend and I and we are extremely pleased with this small investment! The iPhone photos are great but they can only cut it for so long, I have really been fascinated by the capabilities of this little guy! He's quiet, fast, and takes easy and really nice photos. Only complaint might be that for bigger guys, I am just over six feet, you might prefer the T5i since its a lot easier to grip with big hands, my girlfriend however is short and she would not be comfortable with a full size DSLR. The camera has a good flash, touch screen is very responsive with nice resolution, has a solid feel to it, not plasticy what so ever. Definitely would purchase this camera again if I had to do it over again January 7, 2014
Greatest invention since the light bulb!! I love this Camera!! it is small, light, and you can hold it in one hand. One of the biggest Pro to it is that it takes great pictures and has a stunning display screen quality. The built in flash is also great, when fired from a distance of about three feet to five or greater, the lighting looks natural, a huge plus. Finally one of the nicest features of the camera is the touch screen. It makes using the camera so much easier. Going with this is also the fact the display screen when looking at settings, like aperture, and f-stops, the screen is well laid out and simple. Once you get this camera opened and instructions read you will be shooting in no time!! January 7, 2014
Love the compactness, needs small lenses I see no image quality issues that would distinguish the SL1 from any other SLR with an APS-C sensor. As an alternative body to carry with my 5DII, or as a light carry-around on hikes, it is what I expected. I also bought the 40mm f 2.8 pancake and love it. It's a natural on the SL1. 40mm, though, crops to a less useful 60 or so. I need more alternatives to Canon's beer bottle zooms. At the VERY least, Canon, why not an EOS version of the 22mm you already have for the M-series? Such a useful focal length would be just right to live on my SL1. December 5, 2013
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