Speedlite 480EG

Item Code: 2258A003


With a maximum guide number of 68/223 (ISO 100 m/ft), the 480EG is Canon's most powerful grip-style electronic flash. Its wide range of exposure control options, as well as its unique clamp-and-bracket design, emphasize durability and simple operation.

The 480EG System was designed to meet the requirements of professional photographers who work in demanding environments. This large, rugged flash with a "potato masher" grip offers powerful light output (guide number 160 @ ISO 100, ft.), rapid recycling and versatility to work in virtually any situation. It can be used under TTL automatic exposure control with EOS and T90 cameras connected via the TTL Shoe Cord E; under external-sensor AE control with any PC socket-equipped camera via the Synchro Cord 480; and under manual control at three power settings - full, 1/4 and 1/16. The 480EG's twin flash tubes in a circular reflector assure uniform light distribution that users can rely upon, thanks to the heavy-duty, durable construction of the unit's housing and components.