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Large Format Printer
Item Code: 3116B007


The 44-inch wide imagePROGRAF iPF820 PRO is ideal for those involved in high-volume production printing by providing a complete workflow solution that includes a dual roll large format printer in conjunction with CAD|STATION PS+ and True Adobe® PostScript® software. The iPF820 PRO solution helps to boost productivity and facilitate workgroup printing by creating a powerful software and hardware combination.

Designed for efficient job management, CAD|STATION PS+ creates a seamless workflow by providing batch printing and nesting capabilities, options for web-based job submission, as well as job and print queue management abilities. The software also has the capability to track usage information for cost and account management so business owners are able to specifically target where costs are being incurred.

With a high speed throughput, an Economy Print Mode, 80GB hard drive, and sub-ink tank system, the iPF820 PRO is a truly effective solution for end-users looking to streamline their workflow.