SELPHY Compact Photo Series

Compact Photo Printer
Item Code: 9801A001


ID Photo and Movie Print

ID Photo and Movie Print options (available with select Canon PowerShot models) allow you to do even more with your pictures.

ID Photo Print
Now, creating ID Photos is faster and more convenient than ever. Just use your Canon PowerShot camera with ID Photo Print feature to take a picture. Then crop and print it right from the camera. In seconds, you've got multiple ID Photos on a single sheet. Ideal for school or work, security badges, application forms and more.

ID Photo Print
Movie Print
Create frame-by-frame prints of your favorite movies taken with your Canon PowerShot. Set the “Movie Print” feature on your camera to create an index print of the individual frames. The camera automatically selects key frames based on the total running time of the movie and the number of stills required to fill the sheet. It's a great way to keep track of all the movies you've shot.

Movie Print