SELPHY Compact Photo Series

Compact Photo Printer
Item Code: 9905A001


Plug in and Print

Printing is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Click here for a printing demonstration.

Connect the Canon digital camera or PictBridge supported digital camera to the CP600 using the standard USB cable included with your digital camera. Now you're ready to print. There's no need to use your computer.

Simply playback a picture on your camera's LCD. Then, press the lighted Print/Share button*. For cameras without a Print/Share button, simply press “Print” in the function menu**.

*Only available on select Canon PowerShot models.
**Print function may vary depending on camera model.

Print water and fade-resistant, high quality prints in a variety of sizes: wide size (4" x 8"), postcard (4" x 6"), credit card size, labels, and mini labels. There are three colored lights on top of the CP600 that conveniently indicate printing status.

The SELPHY CP600 supports the PictBridge printing standard, so any PictBridge compliant digital camera can connect to these printers. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of automatic DPOF printing as well as index, partial image, multiple copy and exact size printing.

Print computer-stored images
For maximum versatility, you can also connect your computer to the SELPHY CP600. All you need is a standard USB computer cable. Printer drivers and Canon software for both PC and Mac are included with the printer.