SELPHY Compact Photo Series

Compact Photo Printer
Item Code: 1290B001


300 dpi with Protective Coating for Vibrant, Lasting Prints

The Canon Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP730 produces brilliantly colored, long lasting prints that rival the appearance and durability of images created by a professional photo lab. And it takes just 73 seconds† to create Wide size (4" x 8") prints. Postcard size (4"' x 6") images print in just 58 seconds,† and credit card size pictures require only 31 seconds† to print. Using 300-dpi dye-sublimation technology with 256 levels of color, this compact photo printer renders skin tones, shadings and fine details with true-to-life accuracy. A transparent water- and fade-resistant coating offers added protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and humidity. The high-quality photos last up to 100 years.**

Automatic Dynamic Range Correction.
The SELPHY CP730 features an Automatic Dynamic Range Correction function that optimizes the print image information sent from your PictBridge compliant camera. The benefit? You get brighter, sharper, better-looking prints. To activate this function, simply turn on "Image Optimize" before printing.

** Based on accelerated dark storage testing by Canon under controlled lighting, temperature and humidity conditions. Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of the prints; results may vary depending on printed image, display/storage conditions and environmental factors.
† Directly from Canon PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC II Image Processors.