SELPHY Compact Photo Series

Compact Photo Printer
Item Code: 0324B001


Verify then print

With the 2.5-inch LCD monitor, check the images stored on your memory card before you print. You can select photo effects "My Colors" by pressing EFFECT button to change colors to Vivid, Neutral, Sepia or Black & White, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green and Vivid Red. You can also trim the photo with the TRIM button. Then, set paper size, select layouts, choose formats and much more. You can print long-lasting, photo lab-quality prints in seconds.

2.5" LCD Monitor

My Colors †

Yield vibrant shots with dramatic high-contast.

Vivid Blue
Emphasize the sea, sky and other blue areas.

Vivid Green
Add vivid dimension to greens for extraordinary nature shots.

Vivid Red
Charge up red objects in your images for extra impact.

Produce images of subtle, elegant tonality.

Recreate the look of vintage photographs.

Black & White
Deliver enhanced clarity - especially useful when shooting text.

Positive Film
Combine "Vivid Blue," "Vivid Green" and "Vivid Red" to achieve a positive film effect.

Lighter Skin Tone
Make your subjects' skin tones lighter.

Darker Skin Tone
Darken skin tones a shade.

Custom Color
Finely adjust brightness and vividness, and set your preferred balance of blue, green, red and skin colors.

* Based on accelerated dark storage testing by Canon under controlled lighting, temperature and humidity conditions. Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of the prints; results may vary depending on printed image, display/storage conditions and environmental factors.

† Actual results may vary from examples shown above. Final image may vary depending on picture composition.