Portable Projector
Item Code: 8483B002


Quick and Easy Setup

The LE-5W Multimedia Projector offers presenters of all experience levels and technical expertise a quick and easy setup, and a host of features and controls make using the projector simple and hassle-free.

The projector's light weight (3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg) and compact dimensions (9.8" x 7.6" x 1.9") make this LE-5W a road warrior's dream come true. Whether a user stores it in a small briefcase or carrying bag, the LE-5W allows for flexible portability and transport without the packing time, the space requirements or the hassle of larger units.

The LE-5W's lightweight portability is complemented by its versatility, no matter where it is set up. With its short throw ratio, it makes a big picture in small places — users can be confident that no matter the size of the space, the LE-5W projector will do the job. As it is also equipped with a tripod mount, you can confidently and quickly setup the projector in a wide variety of locations with ease.

When a spur of the moment presentation is needed or on those days when a presenter is running behind schedule, the LE-5W is ready to perform within just 4 seconds of turning on the power. The projector's minimalistic 2-button design (power and signal selection), allow a user to focus on presenting instead of on a needlessly complicated setup. In auto mode, the projector's sensors will identify vertical tilt in relation to the screen and simply right any resulting keystone distortion automatically up to +/- 40 degrees. Keystone correction may also be conveniently adjusted manually up to +/- 40 degrees.

No presentation screen available? No problem! With its 5-color wall projection mode, the LE-5W projector can produce stunningly vivid, beautiful and vibrant presentations, images and videos directly onto a wall by matching its color.