Portable Projector
Item Code: 8483B002


Flexible Use for Varied Environments

The LE-5W Multimedia Projector is a compact, cost-effective and powerful solution that will meet your projection requirements within a variety of environments and situations.

Projecting in small offices and home entertainment spaces with limited dimensions is made easier with the LE-5W's short throw ratio (1.2:1), making it possible to display presentations, photos and videos onto screen sizes between 20" and 120".

The LE-5W's 5-color wall projection mode further increases user flexibility in situations where a screen is not available for use or in those times when your family would like to enjoy a backyard movie night. The projector also offers 5 distinct projection modes depending on your environment, lighting conditions or content. These modes help to ensure that presentations, images and videos will be displayed with accurate coloring across the entire spectrum.

  • Presentation Mode — Default mode matches colors generally found on the screens of a PC or notebook computer

  • Standard Mode — Designed for optimal projection in rooms with a small amount of ambient light and well suited for presentations where there is minimal light for taking notes

  • Movie Mode — Delivers saturated colors and is perfect for presentations within darkened rooms

  • sRGB Mode — Optimized for colors seen in a calibrated sRGB color space. This mode is best used for graphic, AutoCAD and other computer-calibrated presentations

  • User Mode — Enables customized brightness, contrast, color, tint, temperature and sharpness settings