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LCD Projector
Item Code: 3520B002


Easy-to-Use Flexibility

Weighing only 7.3 lbs. (3.3 kg) and measuring only 12.5"w x 13.2"d x 4.4"h (317mm x 336mm x 111mm), the LV-7370 is both lightweight and versatile, making it a preferred choice for those on the go. The LV-7370 can also operate as a front or rear screen projector, and can be mounted on the ceiling. Boasting Quick Start and Quick Cooling, the LV-7370 will start up in about eight seconds and cool down within only 30 seconds. No matter where you decide to use your projector, the LV-7370 will operate at a low 35dB in Normal Mode and 29dB in Quiet Mode.

The new LV-7370 has a variety of additional features that make setting up and operating the projector simple and straight-forward:

Automatic Keystone Adjustment
The LV-7370 gives you further flexibility by adapting to the environment with the automatic keystone adjustment. Simply place your projector on a flat surface, and keystone will correct automatically- with no buttons to push, making setup a breeze! Built-in sensors detect the tilt of the projector and automatically correct for keystone distortion - up to +/- 30 degrees vertically. Of course, you can still adjust keystone correction manually.

New User-Friendly Control Panel
During your presentation, you will be able to stay focused thanks to the LV-7370's new user-friendly control panel. Easily control the volume, make menu selections and switch between four different input sources with the touch of a button. With buttons resembling those of simple-to-understand printers and copy machines, the projector's control panel operations are a cinch. If you prefer, you also have the option to control the projector using the wireless IR remote control.

New Tab-Style Menu
The LV-7370's intuitive new tab-style on-screen menu makes it easier than ever to navigate through projector settings. Simple tabs of white text on a black background allow clear visibility to select the appropriate settings at a glance. All menu options are available in 21 different languages.

Closed Captioning
Unlike many projectors, the LV-7370 is now able to display closed captioning information. This new feature will clearly benefit those in your audience with hearing impairments, making it easier for them to understand difficult dialog.

User Security
The LV-7370 is equipped with a Key Lock function, used to disable the keys on the projector's control panel, making the projector operable only from the remote control. This feature is helpful in preventing interruptions due to someone accidentally touching the control panel. In addition, the projector's built-in password protection ensures that only authorized users are able to start and operate the projector. At startup, a display will appear and prompt the user to enter a password set in advance by the projector's owner. Users cannot get past this screen until the password is correctly entered.