Multimedia Projector
Item Code: 2473B002


Remote Control

The LV-7585 comes with an enhanced remote that is full of control features. You can use your remote for wireless or wired control of your projector.

In addition to its input, menu and timer controls, it also allows you to adjust the aspect ratio and filter as well as the usual zoom and focus commands. It also contains a handy laser pointer. For optimum operation of the projector, both "on" and "standby" modes can be selected from it as well.

If the LV-7585 is not remotely installed, you can also connect it to your PC with the mouse control cable and use the projector remote like a mouse to wirelessly control your PC. You simply move the cursor on the screen using the mouse pointer on the remote. The left-click and right-click buttons on the remote work like the left and right buttons of a mouse and the Drag button lets you "drag-and-drop".