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Item Code: 4823B002


Optional Network Imager

The optional Network Imager (LV-NI03) allows you to remotely manage and operate your LV-7590 projector from any computer on your company's network. The Network Imager works with standard Ethernet-based networks using TCP/IP and gives the projector its own IP address.

The network imager offers the user a variety of remote funtionality features:

Web Management
Manage your LV-7590 from a remote location using a web browser. Easily turn the projector on/off, adjust image settings, and switch inputs. You can even set daily or weekly schedules (up to 10 timer events), and monitor projector status- including lamp life and internal temperature

Email Alerts
Send immediate, automatic email alerts to registered email addresses when a lamp needs replacement or when other problems occur. Messages include a description of the event, plus troubleshooting tips.

Multiple projectors can be managed and controlled from a single PC—individually or all at once. Up to 100 connected projectors can be simultaneously controlled. Each projector must be equipped with its own Network Imager.

Real Time Capture
From a remote location, the projector can display screen content of a networked PC in your system. Users can either send content (such as a presentation document) to the projector from their networked PC, or have the projector initiate access to the PC to get the content. Special software must be installed on the PC to use this feature.

Network Communication
Screen content captured from a networked PC can be projected and shared with multiple PCs on the network. Perfect for presentations and demonstrations, captured images can be annotated with drawings/notes and be displayed in real time on each screen.

Network Viewer (FTP)
Image data stored on a file server can be automatically transferred to the projector for display. Up to as many as 1,000 JPEG images can be displayed, and users can program how long and how many times an image is displayed.