Item Code: 1295B002


Canon Optical Performance

Superior clarity and color are the hallmarks of Genuine Canon projection lenses. And now with a 1.6x wide-angle zoom lens, the new LV-X6 lets you project an impressive 80-inch image from as close as 92 inches (2.3 m/7.7 ft.), while less than 3 meters are needed for a 100-inch projection.

The LV-X6 also features five automatic image modes, which can be further customized through a "Detail Settings" menu:
  • Presentation -- Ideal for presentations using PowerPoint
  • Video -- For projecting standard video, such as TV broadcasts
  • Cinema -- For projecting film-based video, such as movies (DVD or HDTV)
  • Standard -- When maximum color accuracy is desired for viewing graphics
  • sRGB -- For reproducing color adapted to the sRGB color space; suitable for sRGB content
Precise control over color appearance can also be achieved through the LV-X6's Color Management System. Instead of having just one master control, the projector offers individual adjustment for color levels and color balance (not available for RGB input), as well as brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

The LV-X6 even features enhanced Wall Color Correction, allowing you to project onto non-white surfaces, such as a chalkboard or wall. Select from several wall color options, including the new Greenboard (Gray) mode, for quick adaptive color correction so that images are closer in appearance to how they would look when projected on a white background.