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LCOS Projector
Item Code: 1292B002


Canon Optical Performance

Project a positive image with Genuine Canon Optics. As with every camera or projector that Canon makes, the REALiS SX60 comes with optics of unparalleled excellence that give you a bright, crisp, clear image with no flare or distortion.

The 1.7x Ultra-Wide Powered Zoom Lens has the widest zoom range of any of Canon's projector lenses, giving you a diagonal screen size range of 40" (at a very short projection distance of 3.9') to 300". At a short 9.8' distance, you still get a 100" screen. And if that's not enough, the Digital Zoom feature gives you an additional zoom range of 1.5x to 12x. The REALiS SX60 performs in a wide range of room settings, proving that there's more to portability than projector size.

In addition to this quality and flexibility, the SX60 boasts one of the highest contrast ratios of any Canon Projector -- 1000:1 -- for sharp images and deep, rich colors, even with ambient light. It also gives you 88% image uniformity for an even image from corner-to-corner. What's more, the projector boasts a 2000:1 contrast ratio in Home Cinema Mode. It's perfect for an enhanced home cinema experience when you have control over your lighting environment and can minimize ambient light.

The optical performance of your SX60 doesn't stop there -- because the HDTV compatible SX60 displays true 16:9 HDTV broadcast images (720p), giving your audience a high-definition, widescreen experience. It's a cinematic experience that is further enhanced by the projector's 2:3 Pulldown feature on Progressive Scan images. The result is an image with the natural look of film.