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LCOS Projector
Item Code: 4231B002


Photo Mode

Ambient light can cause changes in the accuracy of the colors being projected. The REALiS WUX10 Mark II's Photo Mode allows you to make adjustments to the projectors color temperature and color level*, based on the lighting condition of the room. This feature makes it possible to accurately reproduce color, and provide faithful reproduction of changes in contrast- even on a large screen inside a bright room. Images projected onto the screen are as close to the actual work as possible.

Without Photo ModeWith Photo Mode
The dark section looks blackish and intensity levels are not assigned accurately.
Specific details of shapes and difference in colors can be visible to the naked eye.

Fine adjustments can also be made in accordance with various environment lights, such as incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, and brighter and darker room conditions. Accordingly, accurate image reproduction can be made on a large screen, with a quality similar to the image displayed on an sRGB monitor.

This feature is particularly useful when displaying photography in a studio, wedding center, art museum, or a gallery. All adjusted values can be saved in Photo Mode.

*Adjustments to color temperature and color level can not be made if the projector is set to DICOM or another image mode.