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LCOS Projector
Item Code: 4964B005


Advanced Color Management System

Like all REALiS projectors, the REALiS WUX4000 D includes Canon's high-accuracy Color Management System which ensures accurate color reproduction for an extended color space and compensates for color variances due to lighting differences. Precise control prevents the excess leakage of light, producing rich, detailed gradations even in the shadowed portions of images - recreating depth and dimension with stunning drama and realism.

The REALiS WUX4000 D features a newly developed color processing algorithm, along with a highly accurate 3D LUT (Look Up Table), improving color correction range and precision. Conventional systems shift neighboring colors along with the selected color, often resulting in an imbalance in the image. The WUX4000 allows for the correction of a single color without affecting the others.

With conventional systems, neighboring colors change when a specific color is being changed   3D-LUT with newly developed algorism only changes the specific color selected
3D LUT improves color reproduction in all image modes under any ambient light condition

6-Axis Color Adjustment
Your projection screen is your canvas with the REALiS WUX4000 D's unparalleled color control. An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface lets you adjust your palette of colors to paint the picture you want for your audience. The WUX4000's 6-Axis Color Adjustment lets you fine-tune the hue, saturation and brightness of each of the primary and secondary colors. This high degree of control makes each projected image a masterpiece.

The REALiS WUX4000 D projector is not cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes. DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.