AISYS-Enhanced LCOS Technology

The REALiS WUX450 features the newest version of Canon's Aspectual Illumination System, AISYS 5.0, producing amazing high brightness and deep, rich color from a surprisingly small footprint. AISYS works to maximize those image aspects in a compact design by improving contrast through the convergence of light from the source. Now evolved through five generations, continual advancement has allowed Canon to reduce the size of the projector while at the same time delivering greater brightness.

LCD Single Chip DLP LCOS
Circuitry around pixels
obstructs some light.
Shading represents tilting
of mirrors.
Circuitry behind panels makes
pixels appear closer.

Grid-like pixel pattern known as
the "Screen Door Effect".
Lattice-free, seamless image when
LCOS is combined with AISYS.