Short Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector with DICOM Simulation Mode
Item Code: 8679B010


Short Throw Capability

The REALiS WX450ST D Pro AV Short Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector brings together in one unit the ability to fill a big screen with brilliant quality images while simultaneously offering flexible installation options.

Throw Ratio
From large conference rooms and auditoriums to houses of worship and museums, users of the WX450ST D can appreciate its short throw of 0.57:1 that is capable of filling up a large 7 foot screen from as close as only 4 feet away. And this capability comes along with beautifully rendered images and video, without sacrificing clarity, brightness or color reproduction.

Mechanical Lens Shift
The WX450ST D is an extremely flexible projector that works well under a diverse range of installation scenarios to meet your organization's specific requirements. Its built-in, mechanical lens shift is capable of a wide range. Vertically, the projector's shift range can be set from 0 to 75%. Horizontally, it can be adjusted from between +/- 10%.

Fixed Top Zoom Function
In the past, it has sometimes been difficult to fully utilize the zoom feature in an installation projector, as you would have to tilt the projector. Doing so could result in a distorted, trapezoidal picture or video that would then require keystone correction — sometimes at the cost of image quality.

The WX450ST D helps make this challenge a thing of the past! With its fixed top zoom function, users can easily zoom in or out while maintaining the height of the projection position. Lowering the position of the projected image or video can be as simple as adjusting the unit's mechanical lens shift function.

The REALiS WX450ST D projector is not cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes. DICOM is a registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.