CanoScan FS2720U

CanoScan Series

Film Scanner
Item Code: 7080A001


User Friendly Driver Software

CanoCraft FSU for Windows/Plug-in Module FSU for Mac
This is the driver software for the FS2720U. Either version gives you an easy-to-use interface for controlling the scanner. While using an image-editing application like Photoshop, you can scan directly into it with these drivers. CanoCraft FSU and the Plug-in Module FSU also allow you to fine-tune scanner settings to better suit different film conditions including adjust the magnification, focus, brightness, contrast, etc. They provide the quickest and easiest way to optimum image quality.


Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE
The special limited edition of Adobe Photoshop 5.0 lets you do more artistic things with your images including resizing, cropping, color correction, and the addition of special effects.

Presto! Photo Album LE
This special edition software allows you to make photo albums, postcards, slide shows and even screensavers.